About Us

Come in and meet Lisa Furlonger, the owner/operator of Topknotch Dogs salon and you will understand why she is regarded as the ‘go to’ dog groomer on the Gold Coast. With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, Lisa worked for a few Gold Coast Vets and Salons, while running her own mobile service before opening her Nerang based salon.

Lisa has owned a variety of dog breeds and mixes from a young age, Labradors, Staffy’s, Schnauzers, Blue Heeler, Ridgebacks, 3 Cocker Spaniels and a Standard Poodle.

Lisa started as a kennel hand in High School and volunteered at a kennel/grooming centre where she quickly secured a role dog grooming.

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Even with a busy home-life, Lisa continued to fuel her passion for dogs by competing in dog grooming competitions throughout Australia and the USA. Whilst she did not enter for the wins, she did secure a very respectable second place in many of the events. This was a steep learning curve for Lisa, and her styling skills were honed.

After 25 years on the road and working for other salons, Lisa decided it was time to open her own salon. So, in 2008, Topknotch Dogs opened for business.

Lisa acquired her Certified Master Groomer(CMG) qualifications in 2006. Lisa then went on to be International CMG in 2010. Lisa considers herself a pet stylist not just a dog groomer.

Lisa’s Topknotch salon prefers her doggy clients to have an individually personalised
grooming service suited to each pet. With over 30 years in the Gold Coast dog grooming industry you can be assured that her training and qualifications are unequalled, and her clients know they can expect reliable, quality dog grooming and good, old fashioned service.

Lisa does not offer a mobile service, as she believes the best dog grooming service can be offered from her professional, fully air-conditioned dog grooming salon on the Gold Coast in Nerang, where the right tools and products are on hand. Lisa can however offer an express one-hour appointment if requested.

Lisa’s clients are booked by appointment throughout the day. Having individual attention as well as only 2-3 dogs in at any given time means that your pet only stays for 1-2 hours and not all day like other places, allowing your fur babies to relax and enjoy their grooming experience.

Introducing Kelly, our newest member of the team. Kelly has 5 years’ experience as a dog groomer and is barking mad about dogs.

You are in good hands with Kelly, she is patient and caring and not only will you love her results your furry friend will love the experience.

Kelly loves grooming Cavaliers and is enjoying learning about grooming other breeds to Lisa’s high standards.

Don’t trust your best friend to just anyone – come on down to Topknotch Dog salon to see Lisa Furlonger and let your dog grooming appointment be one that both you and your dog enjoys!