If you have a question or two about how Topknotch Dog salon works, why not check out some of our frequently asked questions below. If you can’t find the answer to your question, or you would like to book your dog grooming session, call Lisa Furlonger today!

Do I need to book?

Yes, we do appointment only.

Do I leave my dog?

Yes, for approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours’ maximum.

Do you express groom?

Yes, 7am – 8am Tuesday – Saturday, by appointment only.

Can I drop my dog off early?

Not really, but if you need 30 mins before your appointed time, that is fine.

Do you cage dogs?

Yes, we cage them for their safety and cleanliness and only for the time between finishing their groom and you picking them up.

Do you do cats?

No, unfortunately I am allergic to them.

Do you pluck ears?

Only what comes out without tugging. Please see your vet for a complete clean out.

Do you do anal grands?

Yes, upon request, only as part of your grooming session.

Do you do show grooms?

No, not anymore as I have retired from them.

Do you do large breeds?

Yes, but only on Tuesdays.

Will you de-matt my dog?

Yes, but only if it does not cause the dog any distress and only through consultation with yourself. HUMANITY BEFORE VANITY.

Do you do clips only?

No, all pets get a bath and blow-dry. If you are going to part with your hard earned money, you want the very best job possible.

Can I watch?

No, we find that the dogs are not as calm when the owner is around.

Do you do a mobile service?

No, we are a salon.